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SOLE Fitness Rowers

Rowers are great cardio machines that work your body harder than a number of other fitness machines on the market. It’s great for fat loss, muscle endurance, intense cardiovascular fitness and it requires users to give equal effort to both the upper and lower body.

No matter your age, weight or level of fitness, rowing machine workouts will get you to where you want to be. It gives users a solid blast of cardio workouts, working the abs, core, legs and lower back. It truly is a full body workout.

Home Treadmills from Sole Fitness
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SR500 Rower
Was: $1,499.99
Sale: $899.99
Bring your outdoor/crossfit workouts right into your own home! The new SR500 rower by Sole features an ultra smooth air and magnetic resistance motion that creates a realistic "on the water" experience. The new Sole SR500 rower was designed by rowers, for rowers, with a clean smooth motion and the ability to adjust all of the settings to make the machine work for you and your body type, will accommodate users up to 6'7" tall.
Items:  1
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