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It is important that you use a machine with proper stride length for a couple of reasons. First, it will give you a higher-quality workout, moving your legs through a more natural range of motion. More importantly, however, exercising at the wrong stride length can lead to an uncomfortable experience and ultimately cause users to become discouraged with their workouts.

At Sole we pride ourselves on building quality, comfortable fitness equipment at an affordable price. Our Adjustable Strider machines engage the user through varying adjustments during the workout. Giving users the freedom to lengthen their stride due to varying heights or varying types of workouts. A shorter stride will tend to feel more like an elliptical, whereas a longer stride should mimic more of a run or jog (minus the impact). The Sole Strider will enhance anyone’s workout and allow the versatility they need in order to achieve goals and maintain healthy living.

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Sole ST300 Strider
Was: $2,699.99
SALE: $1,699.99
The ST300 Adjustable Stride Elliptical provides smooth, natural, low-impact workouts that help you get results. Featuring 12 pre-set programs, and the ability to adjust stride length, the ST300 is a great choice for any fitness regimen.
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Sole ST600 Strider
Was: $2,999.99
SALE: $1,999.99
The ST600 Strider provides a natural, low-impact, and smooth workout that will help you attain your fitness goals. The Strider features a power adjustable stride that adjusts the movement of the machine to target various muscle groups, while maintaining a proper trajectory that will give you superior comfort and results. The ST600 is a great choice for any fitness regimen
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Items:  2
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