Best SOLE Folding Treadmills for Portable Exercise 2024

Best Folding Treadmills for Portable Exercise 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Folding treadmills are ideal for small living spaces and easy storage.
  • Look for treadmills with sturdy build quality, interactive features, and comfort technology.
  • SOLE treadmills offer a range of folding models to fit different needs and budgets.
  • The SOLE+ Fitness app can enhance your workout experience with thousands of exercises.


At SOLE, we make sure we build fully functional folding treadmills that are as sturdy as the non-folding models.

Featured Products

  • Sole Treadmill F63: This is one of the best choices for those needing a compact, foldable treadmill without sacrificing functionality. Ideal for small spaces, it features a convenient folding mechanism for smart, easy storage - and despite its foldability, it packs plenty of power with a 3.0 HP motor and a spacious 20" x 60" running deck for comfortable walking, jogging, or running. This model is an excellent fit for budget-conscious fitness enthusiasts looking for durability and practicality in their home workouts. 

  • Sole F80: This is a more advanced folding treadmill - but it offers plenty of space efficiency, too. This model comes with a stronger 3.5 HP motor and supports heavier users with a 375 lbs weight capacity.  It features a larger 10.1" touchscreen display for an interactive workout experience and Bluetooth connectivity, which integrates seamlessly with the Sole + Fitness app for extensive workout options and progress tracking. The F80 may just be the best solution for serious exercisers who need a high-performance treadmill that also conserves space. When not in use, the F80 can be easily folded and stored away.


Why Go For Folding Treadmills

Folding treadmills are probably the only good option for the space-conscious fitness enthusiast. 

They allow ease of storage and movement from point A to B, so they’re great for small living spaces or multipurpose rooms. 

The compact design doesn’t mean they have to compromise on functionality - the best models come with everything you need, including various pre-set programs, adjustable speeds, and incline. 


Top Features of SOLE Folding Treadmills

SOLE folding treadmills are designed to maximize your usable space without compromising on quality. You can customize your workouts with varying speeds, inclines, and preset programs. They can also be integrated with the SOLE+ app, so you can easily track your workout progress on the go.

Best Folding Treadmills for Portable Exercise 2024

Here are the top features of SOLE Fitness Apps:

Folding Mechanism

The SOLE Easy Assist Folding mechanism uses a hydraulic cylinder and makes folding and unfolding the treadmill smooth and easy.

Space-Saving Design

When folded upright, SOLE treadmills store in a very compact footprint - and some models, like the F80, even feature a space-saving design when in use due to their slim profile base.

Durability and Stability

SOLE treadmills use a precision-welded frame construction for superior strength and stability - so you can enjoy a wobble-free running experience even during intense workouts.

Running Surface

With SOLE you’ll get ample running surfaces to accommodate users of most heights and strides. The belt width typically ranges from 20" to 22" wide, and the length is usually around 60 inches.

An Overview of SOLE Folding Treadmills

Model Motor Speed Range Incline Display App Integration Prices
SOLE F63 2.5 CHP 0.5 - 12 mph 0 - 15% 6.5" LCD Yes $1,199.99
SOLE F80 3.5 CHP 0.5 - 12 mph 0 - 15% 9" LCD Yes $1,899.99

Choosing a SOLE Folding Treadmill

When choosing your SOLE folding treadmill, consider your needs in terms of space conservation (obviously), weight capacity, motor power, and additional features like heart rate monitors, cooling fans, and USB ports. 

Here's a closer look at how SOLE folding treadmills work:


Featured Products

SOLE F63: This treadmill utilizes a Kick Release folding mechanism, which is a simple and user-friendly system. Due to its lighter weight at 195 lbs, the F63 is easy to maneuver and fold for storage.

SOLE F80: This treadmill features a Release Lever folding mechanism. While slightly heavier than the F63 at 220lbs, the F80's folding mechanism is still fairly effortless to operate.

SOLE F85: Equipped with a Release Lever mechanism, the F85 folds easily for storage despite its slightly heavier weight compared to the F63 and F80 at 240lbs.

SOLE F89: The F89 also uses a Release Lever folding mechanism. While the heaviest of the four treadmills mentioned at 260lbs, the F89's folding mechanism ensures a smooth and easy folding process.


With the right model, you can enjoy a rigorous cardio session, followed by a gentle cool-down, all with the convenience of a machine that tucks away neatly after use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the key features to look for in a portable folding treadmill?

When considering a portable folding treadmill look for sturdy build quality, interactive features, comfort technology, and space efficiency for easy storage.

What distinguishes SOLE treadmills from others in the market?

SOLE treadmills stand out for their quality construction, interactive features, app integration, and relatively wide range of models for different needs and budgets.

What is the difference between the SOLE F63 and F80 treadmills?

The SOLE F63 features a 3.0 HP motor, while the F80 comes with a more powerful 3.5 HP motor. Additionally, the F80 offers a larger touchscreen display and higher weight capacity compared to the F63 - but is a bit heavier as a result.

What are the prices of the SOLE F63 and SOLE F80 treadmills

SOLE F63 cost $1,199.99, while the SOLE F80 treadmills cost $1,899.99.

What factors should be considered before purchasing a folding treadmill?

Before buying a folding treadmill consider its size, weight capacity, motor power, additional features like heart rate monitors and cooling fans, and compatibility with fitness apps.

What are some notable features of SOLE folding treadmills?

SOLE folding treadmills offer interactive displays, preset workout programs, app integration, space efficiency, and quality workouts.

How does SOLE ensure customer satisfaction with their treadmills?

SOLE treadmills are backed by generous warranties (including lifetime warranty on frames and motors, plus a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee), high-quality construction, and user-friendly features.

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