About Us

The vision of SOLE has always been to manufacture fitness equipment that not only performs, but offers durability you can depend on, no matter what your fitness level. Originally engineered for hotel use, our evolution has held on to the core belief in quality. Whether you want to ditch your gym membership for working out at home, or start a small gym of your own, SOLE has an equipment line up to make any fitness space complete. Over the years, we have been honored to receive many accolades for best buy, best overall treadmill, and customer service.

SOLE has been providing gym quality exercise equipment to North America and abroad for decades, solidifying our name as a premier fitness equipment provider. As we continue to expand our presence globally, adding new international dealers regularly, we never forget our roots. SOLE was built on offering a robust product at an affordable price to fit anyone’s budget. We continue to strive for that excellence with guarantees and warranties that amplify our confidence in our products and commitment to our customers.

SOLE is always looking for ways to make our equipment better, more efficient, and of higher quality, while still maintaining a fair price. We will never compromise our integrity to improve the bottom line. This mentality and idealism are a requirement for employment with SOLE. From the heads of research and development to the sales and customer support staff, we pride ourselves on having capable, driven, and compassionate people working for us. SOLE is not only a great place to buy fitness equipment, it's also a great place to work! We recognize the importance of our employees and our customers and consider each one an integral part of our SOLE family.


The engineering and design team at SOLE are continuously thinking about ways to improve our technology and provide the best experience for the customer. These teams work tirelessly to understand the fitness market and really listen to what people want, to build what people need. SOLE takes customer feedback and input seriously and has it at the forefront of our plans with every update, change, or consideration. SOLE is 100% confident that when you put a piece of SOLE Fitness equipment in your home, you can put your time and energy into getting in shape, feeling great, and finding your best self, without any concerns about the quality of your new machine.