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About our SRVO

The SRVO provides a smooth weight lifting experience thanks to its built-in revolution motorized resistance system, featuring a pair of commercial-grade servomotors and an intelligent calculation system that offers a consistent and precise weight simulation. It also offers three training modes: standard, eccentric, and isokinetic, allowing users to customize their workouts and achieve their fitness goals. Additionally, the SRVO includes multiple accessories for different training exercises.

Man using the SOLE SRVO

Introducing the SOLE SRVO Trainer, a state-of-the-art weight lifting system that offers two outstanding options tailored to your fitness needs. Choose between the SRVO and the SRVO Complete for an unparalleled workout experience. The SRVO provides a seamless weight lifting experience, thanks to its built -in revolution motorized resistance system.It features a pair of commercial - grade servomotors and an intelligent calculation system, offering consistent and precise weight simulation.With three training modes available – standard, eccentric, and isokinetic – users can customize their workouts to achieve their fitness goals.The SRVO also includes multiple accessories for versatile training exercises. For those seeking a comprehensive workout solution, the SRVO Complete is the perfect choice.This all - inclusive package includes the advanced features of the SRVO Basic, plus a SRVO Folding Bench, Triceps Rope, Short Bar, and Extension Safety Cables.These additional accessories allow for an even greater range of exercises, providing a complete and efficient workout experience. Select the option that best suits your needs and elevate your fitness journey with the innovative SRVO weight lifting system.

MSRP $2,699.99
Sale Price $1,999.99

Financing as low as
$113.00/mo with
SRVO Complete
MSRP $3,199.99
Sale Price $2,499.99

Financing as low as
$140.00/mo with