A Veteran's Journey to Fitness: An Interview with Gwen, a Loyal Sole Elliptical User

A Veteran's Journey to Fitness: An Interview with Gwen, a Loyal Sole Elliptical User

In the world of fitness, everyone has their unique journey and preferences when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Today, we're sharing an inspiring story from Gwen, a military veteran, and a loyal user of the Sole E95 elliptical.

Gwen purchased her E95 elliptical in 2016 and has been using it consistently ever since. "It is still the best exercise machine I have ever used, even when compared to those found in the military gymnasiums," she shares. Gwen uses her elliptical five times a week, with some off weeks during the year.

Gwen's fitness journey with her Sole elliptical has been transformative. She has managed to reduce her weight from 235 to 180 pounds. "I got down to 175, but I spent a five-week vacation in S. Korea last year, and the food was so darn good!!! - though I sorely missed my elliptical workouts, I have no regrets," she laughs.

When asked about her workout routine, Gwen admits that she loves watching TV while exercising. "As a military veteran, I was just 'done' with running when I retired. My K-Dramas have supported my sense of well-being along with this elliptical," she says. The combination of entertainment and exercise has made her fitness journey enjoyable and sustainable.

The Sole E95 elliptical has proven to be a reliable and low-maintenance machine. Gwen mentioned how she even moved it from Tennessee to Kansas without any issues. Not every treadmill or elliptical on the market would fare so well after a journey like that. This durability and ease of maintenance are some of the many reasons why Gwen and many others prefer Sole ellipticals.

Gwen's goal is to reach her pre-retirement weight of 165 pounds. She jokes, "I will most likely get to my goal by age 100." This light-hearted approach to her fitness goals shows Gwen's positive attitude towards health and fitness.

Gwen's story is a testament to the impact of the Sole elliptical on her life. "A fantastic machine that makes one hell of a statement in one's fitness – everyone should own one of these," she asserts. At 63, Gwen is very healthy and has no complaints, except for occasional left knee pain from a previous military injury.

Gwen's journey is not just about weight loss. It's about improving her overall well-being and mental health. According to her, regular exercise on her Sole elliptical has helped her “feel much better and less depressed.” This highlights the importance of regular physical activity in maintaining mental health.

In conclusion, Gwen declares, "I am a Sole supporter for life!!" Her story is a powerful reminder of the significant role fitness plays in our lives, and how the right equipment, like a Sole elliptical, can make all the difference.

We thank Gwen for sharing her inspiring fitness journey with us and for being a loyal Sole user. We hope her story motivates others to take charge of their fitness and well-being. Gwen's story is a testament to the power of commitment, the right equipment, and a positive attitude in achieving fitness goals.

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