Proform vs Peloton Treadmill Comparison 2024 | Features, Pros, Cons

Proform vs Peloton Treadmill Comparison 2024 | Features, Pros, Cons

Key Takeaways

  • Proform treadmills are known for their affordability and versatility in workout programs.
  • Peloton treadmills offer a premium experience with a focus on live and on-demand fitness classes.
  • Proform has a folding design for easy storage, whereas Peloton features a sleek, non-folding structure.
  • Both brands provide interactive training but differ in subscription services and community engagement.
  • SOLE treadmills, like the SOLE F80 and SOLE F85, are known for their robust build quality and comprehensive lifetime warranties on the frame and motor, highlighting their durability and reliability.

    At SOLE, we are proud of our product lineup but understand the importance of informed decision-making when it comes to fitness equipment. This comparison between Proform and Peloton treadmills aims to help you choose the right treadmill to support your fitness journey.

    Featured Products
    • Proform TreadmillsProform's lineup starts with the Carbon TLX priced at $999, featuring a 7-inch display and 30 days iFit trial membership included. The range extends up to the Pro 9000 at $1,999, which offers a 22-inch display and a more robust suite of features for a comprehensive workout experience​.
    • Peloton TreadmillsPeloton's treadmill offerings start with the Tread at $2,995, featuring a 23.8-inch HD touchscreen and access to live classes and leaderboard competitions for an engaging community experience. This model emphasizes interactivity and immersive training sessions​. 
    • SOLE TreadmillsThe SOLE lineup begins with the F63 at $1,199.99, equipped with a 6.5-inch LCD screen, up to the SOLE ST90 priced at $3,999.99 with a slat belt design. SOLE treadmills are recognized for their sturdy build and user-friendly features, providing reliable performance and excellent value for home fitness enthusiasts. Their warranties are notably robust, offering lifetime coverage on frames and motors, highlighting their commitment to durability.

    Top Features of Proform Treadmill

    • Interactive Training with iFit: Proform treadmills integrate iFit technology, offering a range of on-demand workouts and live classes to enhance the exercise experience.
    • Space-Saving Design with EasyLift Assist: Proform treadmills are designed with EasyLift Assist, facilitating easy storage by allowing the treadmill to be folded conveniently.
    • Generous Incline Range: These treadmills offer a broad incline range, providing various workout intensities to cater to different fitness levels.
    • Large, User-Friendly Touchscreen Displays: Proform is equipped with large touchscreens, Proform treadmills make it easy to navigate through workout options and track fitness progress effectively.
    • Competitive Pricing: Proform provides high-quality treadmill features at competitive price points, offering good value to fitness enthusiasts.

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    Top Features of Peloton Treadmill

    • Live and On-Demand Classes: Peloton treadmills provide access to live and on-demand classes led by engaging instructors.
    • Sturdy Construction: Known for their robust build, Peloton treadmills offer a sleek design that enhances any home gym.
    • High-Definition Touchscreen: Peloton treadmills are equipped with high-definition touchscreens, these treadmills offer an immersive workout experience.
    • Integrated Sound System: These treadmill has built-in sound system delivers clear audio, enhancing the workout environment.
    • Free Mode: Peloton provides a feature that allows users to manually push the belt, adding variety and challenge to training routines.

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    Detailed Feature Analysis: What Sets Them Apart

    Training Software

    • Proform Treadmill: Provides compatibility with iFit, a comprehensive fitness platform that delivers a wide variety of on-demand workouts, global running routes, and personalized training plans.

    Proform has variety of interactive studio classes and outdoor workouts led by professional trainers

    • Peloton Treadmill: Uses its proprietary Peloton App, renowned for live streaming fitness classes and offering a vast library of on-demand workouts. This platform fosters a sense of community among users and provides interactive features like leaderboards.

    Hardware Quality and Durability

    • Proform Treadmill: Is recognized for its solid build and durability, designed to accommodate users across various fitness levels. Proform treadmills feature robust motors and spacious running decks.
    • Peloton Treadmill: Emphasizes high-end construction and sleek design, with attention to detail that ensures longevity and a premium user experience. Peloton treadmills are equipped with powerful motors and feature a large, durable running surface.

    Additional Equipment Features

    • Proform Treadmill: Includes user-friendly consoles with built-in programs that cater to a range of fitness goals, from weight loss to performance training. Features such as incline adjustments and heart rate monitoring enhance workout versatility and effectiveness.
    • Peloton Treadmill: Offers state-of-the-art features like a large HD touchscreen for immersive class experiences, built-in speakers for high-quality sound, and connectivity options for heart rate monitors and headphones.

    Subscription Services

    • Proform Treadmill: While offering access to iFit, Proform provides a flexible approach to subscription services, allowing users to enjoy a variety of workouts with or without a subscription.
    • Peloton Treadmill: Relies on its subscription service to unlock the full potential of its equipment, offering an expansive range of live and on-demand classes that require an ongoing membership.

    Peloton's subscription services provides an instructor-led sessions with studio-quality sound

    Warranty and Customer Care

    • Proform Treadmill: Proform offers comprehensive warranty terms, typically covering the frame for 10 years, motor for 2 years, and parts and labor for 1 year. Their customer service is designed to ensure a positive user experience.
    • Peloton Treadmill: Peloton provides solid warranty coverage, including 5 years for the frame, 3 years for the drive motor and walking belt and 12 months for the touchscreen. Their customer care department offers assistance through various channels to address any issues promptly and efficiently.

    Choosing between Proform and Peloton treadmills involves considering factors like interactive training preferences, equipment quality, and desired features. Proform appeals to those seeking versatile workout options with durable equipment, while Peloton is ideal for users looking for a premium, community-driven workout experience.

    Proform vs. Peloton Treadmill Comparison Table


    ProForm Treadmill

    Peloton Treadmill

    Motor Power

    2.75 CHP up to 3.6 CHP

    2 HP AC DC up to 3 HP DC

    Max User Weight

    300 lbs (136 kg)

    105 up to 300 lbs (up to 136 kg)


    7" High Contrast up to 22" Smart HD Touchscreen

    23.8" - 32" HD Touchscreen

    Built-in Programs

    iFIT® Enabled

    Live and on-demand classes with subscription

    Bluetooth Connectivity

    Bluetooth connectivity for audio purposes

    Bluetooth® 4.2 - 5.0 connectivity

    Audio Speakers

    Dual 2" speakers

    20 W soundbar for Peloton+

    Cooling Fan


    Not typically featured

    Folding Design

    SpaceSaver design and EasyLift™ Assist


    Frame Warranty

    10 years

    5 years


    Starts at $999 up to $1,999

    Starts at $2,995 up to $5,995

    Pros and Cons: A Balanced View

    Pros of Proform Treadmill

    • Cost-effective compared to Peloton, making it accessible to more users.
    • Space-saving design with the ability to fold and store away.
    • Versatile workout options with iFit, catering to various fitness levels.
    • Generous incline settings to simulate outdoor running conditions.
    • Easy on the joints with ProShox cushioning technology.

    Proform provides a folding design for their treadmills

    Cons of Proform Treadmill

    • A subscription to iFit is necessary to unlock all features on Proform treadmills. In contrast, SOLE treadmills like the SOLE F80 come with pre-programmed workouts that do not require any subscription, providing full access from the start.
    • Some users may find the cushioning on Proform treadmills too soft. SOLE treadmills offer Cushion Flex Whisper Deck technology, which reduces impact to protect your joints while providing a firm enough surface for a more realistic running experience.
    • Customer service experiences with Proform can be inconsistent. SOLE, on the other hand, is recognized for its excellent customer service, ensuring a satisfactory and supportive customer experience across the board.
    • Unlike some competitors, Proform treadmills often lack advanced incline or decline features. SOLE treadmills provide robust incline options, enhancing the challenge and variety of your workouts.
    • Proform treadmills come with a 10-year warranty on the frame, while SOLE treadmills offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, providing enhanced long-term durability and reliability.

    Pros of Peloton Treadmill

    • Immersive fitness experience with live classes and a competitive leaderboard.
    • Premium build quality and design that serves as a centerpiece in a home gym.
    • Large, high-definition touchscreen for interactive workouts.
    • Strong community aspect, with social features to connect with other users.
    • Unique workout features like manual mode for added workout variety.

    Peloton provides workout programs, virtual classes, and progress tracking tools for an interactive fitness experience

    Cons of Peloton Treadmill

    • Peloton treadmills come with a higher price tag, which may not be affordable for all users. SOLE treadmills, such as the SOLE F63, priced at $1,199.99, offer a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality or features.
    • Peloton treadmills lack the ability to fold, requiring significant space commitment. In contrast, SOLE treadmills like the SOLE F80 feature a folding mechanism - release lever which makes them ideal for homes with limited space.
    • Most interactive features on Peloton treadmills require an ongoing subscription. SOLE treadmills come with pre-programmed workouts that do not require any subscriptions, providing free access to a variety of workout options right out of the box.
    • Peloton treadmills are often celebrated for their technology, but this can be complex for some users. SOLE treadmills provide high-quality, user-friendly technology that's easy to use and adjust.
    • While Peloton treadmills support a good range of user weights, they may not match the high weight capacities offered by SOLE treadmills. The SOLE ST90 supports up to 400 pounds, accommodating a wider variety of users.

    Customer Reviews and Testimony

    Proform Treadmill Review

    Recent Buyer Siva said on Proform’s Amazon Site

    "My Experience with the ProForm Carbon TLX Treadmill

    As someone who values fitness and convenience, I was excited to try out the ProForm Carbon TLX Treadmill for my walking and running routines. However, my journey with this treadmill began with a few unexpected hurdles.Activating the treadmill and syncing it with the iFit app proved to be another challenge. As I navigated through the app's interface, I encountered difficulties and frustrations, particularly with Bluetooth connectivity.
    In add to the frustration, upon delivery, I discovered there is manufacturing defect. I reached out to customer support for assistance, the process of receiving replacement parts took two weeks.
    While my journey with the ProForm Carbon TLX Treadmill may have had its share of challenges, I am pleased to say that perseverance has paid off."

    Peloton Treadmill Review

    Recent Buyer Daniel said from Peloton's official site

    "Looks nice but poor quality

    The classes are great and the tread is fun, but the quality is poor. Bolts should not be breaking in half while using the machine. Half the bolt is still stuck in the machine with no way to remove it. Peloton support has informed me I need to pay for a service call and will likely need an entire new screen since the bolt was attaching the screen to the tread (estimated repair cost ~$1,000). Beautiful machine that will need to be held together by duct tape."

    Expert Opinion: Our Take on the Best Buy

    When to Choose Proform Treadmill

    • If you're looking for a budget-friendly option that doesn't skimp on features.
    • When space is a concern and you need a treadmill that can easily be folded and stored.
    • If you enjoy varied workouts, from HIIT sessions to scenic runs, and want a wide range of options.
    • When you want a treadmill that can grow with you as your fitness level improves.
    • If you prefer a softer, cushioned running deck to reduce impact on your joints.

    When to Choose Peloton Treadmill

    • If you're drawn to the idea of live classes and a community that can motivate you.
    • When you're willing to invest more for a premium, high-tech treadmill experience.
    • If you're not concerned about space and prefer a treadmill that's always ready to go.
    • When you want the feel of a studio workout with high-energy instructors.
    • If you appreciate a sleek design that will complement a modern home.

    Who is Each Brand Suitable for?

    • Proform Treadmills: Proform treadmills are suitable for individuals or families looking for an affordable, versatile workout machine that can accommodate different fitness levels and goals. They're perfect for those who want the flexibility to choose from a wide range of workouts and the convenience of a foldable machine.
    • Peloton Treadmills: Peloton treadmills, on the other hand, are ideal for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a premium workout experience, complete with the motivation and camaraderie of live classes. They're great for those who prioritize community engagement and don't mind dedicating a permanent space for their fitness equipment.

    Consider your fitness priorities for the perfect treadmill match

    Why SOLE is a Better Choice?

    If you're undecided between Proform and Peloton treadmills, consider the exceptional value and robust performance of SOLE treadmills as your optimal choice. SOLE treadmills strike the perfect balance between advanced features and user-centric functionality, catering to a wide spectrum of fitness needs without the hefty price tag. Here's why a SOLE treadmill could be the superior option for you:

    • SOLE F63 Treadmill: Provides a reliable workout experience with a cushioned deck, 3.0 HP motor, and a 12 mph top speed. Priced at $1,199.99, it combines straightforward functionality with value for home fitness.

    • SOLE F65 Treadmill: Equipped with enhanced features and a spacious running surface of 22" x 60" which is perfect for those who want extra room while exercising. Priced at $1,499.99, it's a solid investment for those seeking a bit more versatility.

    • SOLE F80 Treadmill: Recognized for its premium construction and capabilities, suitable for serious runners, available at $1,599.99. It supports an incline up to 15% and has Bluetooth connectivity for data syncing and audio streaming. The treadmill includes various built-in programs, offering diverse workout options.

    • SOLE F85 Treadmill: Combines power, size, and technology, making it perfect for varied fitness routines because of its powerful 4.0 HP motor and provides a spacious running surface of 22" x 60". It also features a maximum speed of 12 mph and an incline range of up to 15%, priced at $2,199.99, it's an investment in quality and performance.

    • SOLE F89 Treadmill: A new addition offering robust features and technology for advanced training. Equipped with a strong 4.0 HP motor and a spacious running deck with advanced features for enhanced workout performance. It supports inclines up to 15% and includes various built-in workout programs. Priced at $3,299.99, it is a reliable option for those seeking quality and durability.

    • SOLE ST90 Treadmill: Targets high-performance users with demanding workout regimes, priced at $2,499.99.  Featuring a slat-belt design, strong frame and advanced features like a 2.0 HP motor, a 15.16" touchscreen display, and Bluetooth connectivity. Priced at $3,999.99, the ST90 is a high-end option for those who want a premium treadmill.

    • SOLE TT8 Treadmill: Designed for maximum durability and performance, it is a premium treadmill designed for serious runners. It also features a powerful 4.0 HP motor with speeds up to 12 mph and a 15% incline/6% decline.  ideal for intensive use, available at $2,899.99.

    Choosing SOLE means investing in a treadmill that withstands the rigors of daily use while enhancing your workout experience with reliable performance and practical features. 

    Check out SOLE's lineup to find the treadmill that aligns perfectly with your fitness goals and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle today. Step into a healthier lifestyle with SOLE treadmills and find your perfect fitness partner today!

    Featured Products

    • Proform TreadmillsProform's lineup starts with the Carbon TLX priced at $999, featuring a 7-inch display and 30 days iFit trial membership included. The range extends up to the Pro 9000 at $1,999, which offers a 22-inch display and a more robust suite of features for a comprehensive workout experience​.
    • Peloton TreadmillsPeloton's treadmill offerings start with the Tread at $2,995, featuring a 23.8-inch HD touchscreen and access to live classes and leaderboard competitions for an engaging community experience. This model emphasizes interactivity and immersive training sessions​. 
    • SOLE TreadmillsThe SOLE lineup begins with the F63 at $1,199.99, equipped with a 6.5-inch LCD screen, up to the SOLE ST90 priced at $3,999.99 with a slat belt design. SOLE treadmills are recognized for their sturdy build and user-friendly features, providing reliable performance and excellent value for home fitness enthusiasts. Their warranties are notably robust, offering lifetime coverage on frames and motors, highlighting their commitment to durability.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Why SOLE is better than Proform and Peloton treadmills?

    SOLE treadmills stand out for their exceptional durability, powerful performance, and comprehensive warranties, offering a perfect balance between advanced features and straightforward functionality. 

    This makes SOLE an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable machine that combines the robust construction of ProForm with the interactive training options akin to Peloton, but without the reliance on heavy subscription models. 

    SOLE's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures a superior workout experience for users at all fitness levels.

    How do the interactive features of ProForm and Peloton treadmills compare?

    ProForm treadmills integrate with the iFit service, offering a diverse library of live and on-demand workouts that simulate various terrains globally. This feature adjusts the treadmill's incline and speed to match the virtual path's natural changes.

    Peloton treadmills focus on community engagement with live classes that encourage real-time competition and interaction among users, enhanced by large touchscreen displays for a socially connected workout environment.

    As an alternative, SOLE treadmills provide a more straightforward approach with pre-programmed workouts that do not require an ongoing subscription, targeting users who prefer a less interactive but consistently high-quality exercise session.

    SOLE's machines are noted for their durability and robust build, making them a reliable option for those looking for long-term fitness solutions without the need for digital interactivity.

    Can ProForm and Peloton treadmills accommodate users of all fitness levels?

    Yes, both ProForm and Peloton treadmills are designed to cater to users across the fitness spectrum. ProForm's iFit software adjusts workouts to suit the user's fitness level, offering everything from beginner walks to advanced marathons and incline training. Peloton's wide range of class intensities and types ensures that users, from novices to seasoned athletes, can find classes that challenge them appropriately.

    What makes ProForm and Peloton treadmills suitable for home gyms?

    ProForm and Peloton treadmills are both good choices for home gyms due to their compact design, advanced features, and the convenience of having a comprehensive workout experience at home. ProForm's foldable designs save space, making them ideal for smaller areas, while Peloton's high-quality build and engaging class content provide a studio-like experience in the comfort of your home.

    How do warranties for Proform, Peloton, and SOLE treadmills compare?

    Proform treadmills typically offer a 10-year frame warranty, showcasing the brand's confidence in the durability of their products. Peloton provides a 5-year frame warranty, reflecting a solid commitment to the lifespan of their treadmills. In contrast, SOLE treadmills stand out with a lifetime warranty on the frame, underscoring their exceptional commitment to long-term durability and customer satisfaction. This difference highlights SOLE's emphasis on providing peace of mind through extensive coverage, making it a compelling option for those prioritizing robust warranty protection.

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