Best Health Tracking Apps for SOLE Treadmills 2024

Best Health Tracking Apps for SOLE Treadmills 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Health tracking apps like SOLE+ Fitness and FitBit enhance treadmill workouts by providing insightful data analysis and personalized feedback.
  • SOLE's tracking apps offer comprehensive data tracking, subscription options for varied preferences, and seamless integration with entertainment platforms.
  • Users can track their progress, set goals, and monitor performance metrics for improved fitness outcomes.
  • These health tracking apps offer robust customer support and compatibility with existing fitness routines.

Why Are Tracking Apps Important for Treadmills

Tracking apps are an essential component of modern treadmills, as they provide users with valuable insights into their workout performance and progress over time. These apps, which are often integrated with the treadmill's features or available as companion apps like the SOLE+ Fitness app, allow users to track various metrics such as distance covered, speed, incline, calories burned, and heart rate. Users can gain a better understanding of their fitness levels, identify areas for improvement, and set realistic goals to work towards.

Tracking apps also often provide users with personalized workout recommendations based on their past performance and fitness goals. They may suggest adjustments to speed, incline, or workout duration to help users challenge themselves and achieve their desired results. Additionally, many tracking apps offer social features that enable users to connect with friends, join challenges, and share their progress—for a bit of friendly competition and motivation. 

Every SOLE fitness equipment purchase includes the free SOLE+ Fitness App, giving you access to hundreds of fitness classes and thousands of hours of exercise content. Unlike competitors who charge for similar content, SOLE provides this as a complimentary benefit to its customers. Not only that, SOLE treadmills can also be used with other tracking apps like Kinomap. 

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Top Features of SOLE Treadmill Tracking Apps

Data Tracking and Analysis

Choose apps that offer comprehensive data tracking functionalities, including metrics like running speed, distance covered, calorie consumption, heart rate, and workout duration. These data points provide valuable insights into workout performance, progress over time, and areas for improvement. 

SOLE+ Fitness app offers exactly this. You get to set realistic goals, track fitness journeys, and make informed decisions to optimize your workouts. You can download this app for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Subscription Options

Look for treadmill tracking apps that offer flexible subscription plans, including free versions with basic features and premium subscriptions with advanced functionalities. 

Most tracking apps that can be used with SOLE treadmills are free but may have in-app purchases for premium features. For example, the Kinomap app—the largest geolocated video-sharing platform—has free features such as structured training mode, map mode, and free training mode. 

Entertainment Integration

Opt for treadmill tracking apps that seamlessly integrate entertainment options such as music playlists, video streaming, or audio coaching. These features can help keep users motivated and engaged during their workouts, for a more enjoyable and immersive exercise experience. 

Kinomap offers training apps for runners to simulate real routes and enhance indoor workouts. You can train with interactive videos that adjust your equipment's incline in real-time. All SOLE Bluetooth-enabled treadmills are now compatible with Kinomap, transforming your treadmill into an entertaining fitness device.

Screen Mirroring and Compatibility

Consider treadmill tracking apps that support screen mirroring and compatibility with various devices. Users can stream content from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops to the treadmill's screen during their workouts.

For example, you can cast premium content from FitBit to SOLE F85’s screen since both the app and the treadmill support mirror casting. 

An Overview of Health Tracking Apps for SOLE Treadmills 

Here are the top health tracking apps that can be used with SOLE treadmills. 


App Name


Key Features

SOLE+ Fitness

Compatible with all SOLE treadmills

Free workout classes, tracking, screen mirroring


Compatible with all SOLE treadmills

Streaming apps integration, wireless charging


Compatible with all SOLE treadmills

Choosing the Best SOLE Treadmill Tracking App

To choose the best treadmill tracking app, consider your fitness goals, compatibility with your treadmill and other devices, and features that keep you engaged. Compare features like free classes, streaming services, and screen mirroring. 

Assess price points to find the best value for your budget. The SOLE+ Fitness App offers free and exclusive workouts and fitness challenges to keep you motivated and engaged. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes SOLE's treadmill tracking apps stand out from the competition?

SOLE's treadmill tracking apps stand out due to their seamless integration with SOLE equipment, offering a range of free, high-quality workout classes and reliable tracking of your fitness metrics, like speed, distance traveled, calories, pulse, and more. 

How do the prices of SOLE's tracking apps compare to other market options?

The SOLE+ Fitness app is free. Other apps like MapMyFitness come with monthly subscriptions. 

Can I integrate SOLE's tracking apps with my current fitness routine?

Yes, SOLE's tracking apps are designed to complement and enhance your existing fitness routine. They provide a variety of workouts and tracking features that are customizable to your personal goals and preferences.

Are there any additional benefits to using SOLE's treadmill tracking apps for my workouts?

Beyond tracking fitness levels, SOLE's apps often offer social features to connect with other fitness enthusiasts that can provide extra motivation. 

What kind of support does SOLE offer for users of their treadmill tracking apps?

SOLE provides customer support for their apps, ensuring that any issues can be quickly addressed. They also offer regular updates to improve functionality and add new features based on user feedback.

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