SOLE Strength Products

Elevate your fitness game with our essential strength products: Adjustable Dumbbells and Stand, Free Weights, an Olympic Barbell and weight plates, and our top-of-the-line Half-Rack all complemented by an adjustable bench. This dynamic combo engages stabilizing muscles, promotes functional strength, and allows for progressive muscle growth.
Embrace strength for a healthy, resilient, and agile physique. 💪

NEW: Adjustable Dumbbells and Stand!

SOLE has finally brought to market our new Adjustable Dumbbells and Stand. Ergonomically perfect, these new Adjustable Dumbbells will take you to the next level in your fitness journey! As a bonus, you can use them with the FREE SOLE+ APP to be guided by our professional instructors at no additional cost to you now, or ever.

Deal Alert: If you purchase our Adjustable Dumbbells and our Stand, you will automatically receive a $20.00 discount in the cart!

Don't Forget our Other Strength Equipment!

While not as new, this Strength Equipment has absolutely everything you need to get you in shape. Lift your way in your own space!


Enhance Your Workout with the Exceptional Durability of PROHEXAGON Rubber-Coated Dumbbells.

See the Prohexagon Dumbbells, the adjustable weight bench, and the SOLE Half Rack in action:

Let nothing stand in your way to your fitness goals!

Go ahead and give it your all! SOLE Strength Equipment will support your every home gym need!