Best SOLE Treadmills with Wide Running Belts 2024

Best Treadmills with Wide Running Belts 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Wide belt treadmills provide ample space for comfortable, safe workouts while accommodating users of all sizes.
  • They are built to handle higher speeds and longer distances - so they’re perfect for serious runners.
  • Look for features such as slat belt design, powerful motors, and advanced cushioning systems for a superior running experience.
  • With options for both incline and decline settings, wide belt treadmills from SOLE offer versatile workout possibilities.
At SOLE, we offer robust treadmills with up to 22" wide running belts for your home or gym. This allows you to have a comfortable workout session.


Featured Products

  • The SOLE TT8 treadmill possesses a 22" x 60" long running belt, so it’s suitable for runners of all heights and strides. Its incline and decline range is wide, so you can target various muscle groups and optimize your intensity levels. Its weight capacity of 400 pounds makes it a durable choice for larger runners - and you can also use it with weighted vests for added training intensity. Finally, the two-ply cushioned flex whisper deck absorbs impact effectively, reducing joint stress.

  • The SOLE ST90 treadmill features a 20" x 60" running belt, a powerful 4.0 HP motor, a unique slat belt design, an incline range up to 15 levels, and a non-folding design. It has a weight capacity of 330 pounds and a 10.1-inch touchscreen display for easy control and data monitoring - and comes with built-in workout programs like hill training, interval training, and heart rate control.


Why Choose Treadmills with Wide Running Belts

Treadmills with wide belts provide a spacious area that accommodates users of various sizes and allows for unrestricted movement. Wide running belts are super useful for runners and those engaging in long-distance training, as they support higher speeds and longer strides. The additional width ensures that runners can vary their foot placement without feeling cramped, which is especially beneficial during longer sessions.

The extra space is also important for maintaining balance and stability and reducing the risk of tripping or falling off the machine. SOLE treadmills have up to 22” of Cushioned Flex Whisper Deck running belt, which further reduces the impact on the joints during workout sessions.


Top Features of SOLE Treadmills with Wide Running Belts


  • Wide Running Belts: SOLE treadmills including the F89 and TT8 models, exceed standards. With up to 22 inches of belt width and a standard length of 60 inches, these treadmills provide a spacious and comfortable surface for running. They’re a great option for those who need more room to move and maintain a natural stride during their workout.
  • Powerful Motors: SOLE treadmills are equipped with strong motors. Typically ranging from 3.0 to 4.0 HP, these treadmills are capable of sustaining higher speeds and longer distances - essential for serious runners and those engaging in high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
  • Durable Construction: SOLE treadmills are built with high-quality materials and a sturdy frame. Premium non-folding models, such as the SOLE F85 and SOLE TT8, come with a thicker build and increased stability - especially during vigorous running or when using the incline/decline feature.
  • Incline and Decline: Many SOLE treadmills with wide belts offer incline and decline options, allowing you to simulate real-world running conditions and target different muscle groups of your lower body for a more varied workout. The incline/decline range varies depending on the model, with the SOLE TT8 offering a range of -3 levels to 15 levels incline.
  • Cushioned Decks: SOLE treadmills, including the F85 and TT8 models, feature cushioned decks that absorb impact effectively, reducing stress on your joints - a crucial feature for runners who are prone to knee or ankle discomfort.  The SOLE TT8 possesses a  2-ply belt with integrated cushioning for enhanced shock absorption.
  • High Weight Capacities: SOLE treadmills with wide running belts often have high weight capacities, ranging from 350 to 400 pounds with the SOLE TT8 and F80 series. This makes them suitable for larger runners or those who plan on using weighted vests for added training intensity.
Best Treadmills with Wide Running Belts 2024

An Overview of Standout SOLE Treadmills for Wide Running Belts

Model Running Surface Motor Speed Range Incline/Decline Display App Integration Price
SOLE TT8 22" x 60" 4.0 CHP 0-12 MPH -6% to 15% 10.1" LCD SOLE + Fitness App $2,899.99
SOLE ST90 20" x 60" 2 HP AC 0-12.5 MPH 0-15% 10.1" Touchscreen SOLE + Fitness App $3,999.99

Choosing The Right SOLE Treadmill with Wide Running Belts

SOLE Fitness offers a variety of treadmills with wide running belts suitable for runners and walkers seeking a comfortable and secure workout experience. They come in belt widths of 20 inches or more, as featured in these other models:

  • SOLE F85 - another powerful treadmill with a 4.0 CHP motor, a generous 22" x 60" running belt, a weight capacity of 400 lbs, and a 0-12 MPH speed range.
  • SOLE F80 - a versatile choice with a 3.5 CHP motor, ample 22" x 60" running surface, weight capacity of 400 lbs, and a 0-10 MPH speed range.
  • SOLE F63 - great value treadmill with a 3.0 CHP motor, a 20" x 56" running belt, a weight capacity of 300 lbs, and a space-saving folding design.

SOLE treadmills feature wide belts with ample space for runners of all sizes and feature powerful motors, incline/decline options, and cushioned decks for a safe and effective workout. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or seasoned runner, there's always SOLE treadmill with a wide running belt that's perfect for you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes a wide belt treadmill better?

 A wide belt provides more space for a comfortable and safe workout, reducing the risk of accidents and allowing for a more natural stride.

Are these treadmills suitable for all fitness levels? 

Yes, they are designed to accommodate everyone from beginners to advanced athletes.

Can I still use a wide belt treadmill if I have limited space? 

Yes, some models like the SOLE F63 and F65 can fold up, saving space when not in use.

Is it worth investing in a treadmill with app integration? 

Absolutely - it’s super important if you enjoy tracking your progress and personalizing your workouts.

What are the prices of SOLE TT8 and SOLE ST90? 

SOLE TT8 costs $2,899.99 while SOLE ST90 costs $3,999.99.

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