Sole F80 vs F63 Treadmill Comparison 2024 | Features, Pros, Cons

Sole F80 vs F63 Treadmill Comparison 2024 | Features, Pros, Cons

Key Takeaways:

  • The F80 boasts a more powerful motor than the F63, making it better suited for intense and long workouts.
  • The F80 features a larger, more advanced display offering a better user interface and tracking capabilities than the F63.
  • The F80 provides a larger running surface and superior cushioning, enhancing comfort and accommodating users of all sizes.
  • Both models are built to last, but the F80's enhanced construction offers greater durability for heavy use.
  • The F63 is more budget-friendly with solid features—ideal for casual to moderate users, while the F80, with its upgraded features, is made for serious runners seeking a premium workout experience.
    At SOLE, we're excited to showcase a detailed comparison between two outstanding treadmills: the Sole F63 and the Sole F80. Designed to cater to various fitness levels and preferences, these treadmills are engineered to elevate your home workout experience—each offering unique features for different user needs and aspirations.

    Featured Products
    • Sole F63 TreadmillWith its sturdy construction and powerful motor, the Sole F63 is reliable and efficient. Ideal for users seeking a straightforward treadmill experience without compromising on quality, it offers an excellent balance between affordability and performance.
    • Sole F80 Treadmill Elevate your workout routine with the Sole F80, featuring advanced technology and enhanced features. With its robust frame, spacious deck, and powerful motor, the F80 is a premium treadmill. Perfect for users looking for top-notch performance, it's designed to accommodate a wide range of fitness goals and aspirations.

    Sole F80 vs F63 Overview

    Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned runner, you need the right equipment. That's why we're comparing two popular options: the Sole F80 and the F63 treadmills. These models have been helping fitness enthusiasts hit their stride right at home, but which one will help you reach your fitness goals?

    Sole F80 vs Sole F63 Treadmill Comparison Table

    Here's a comparison table between the Sole F80 and F63 treadmills:


    Sole F80

    Sole F63

    Motor Power

    3.5 HP

    3.0 HP

    Maximum User Weight

    350 lbs

    325 lbs


    10.1" touchscreen

    6.5" LCD

    Built-in Programs



    Bluetooth Connectivity



    Audio Speakers



    Cooling Fan



    Folding Design



    Frame Warranty






    Difference between Sole F80 vs F63

    Comparing Sole F63 vs F80: Simplifying performance vs. price to match your fitness goals and budget.

    Price and Value Considerations

    • Sole F63 Treadmill: Positioned as a budget-friendly option which doesn’t compromise on quality, the F63 is priced at $1,199.99.
    • Sole F80 Treadmill: Geared towards users looking for enhanced features and performance, the F80 is priced at $1,899.99.

      Technology and Connectivity Features

      • Sole F63 Treadmill: Integrates basic technology features to support your workouts, providing essential functionality without additional frills.
      • Sole F80 Treadmill: Equipped with advanced technology features, including Bluetooth connectivity and a larger console display, offering enhanced workout tracking and feedback options.

        Machine Durability and Stability

        • Sole F63 Treadmill: Designed with a durable frame and motor, the F63 provides reliable performance for regular home use.
        • Sole F80 Treadmill: Built with a heavier frame and more powerful motor, the F80 offers increased durability and stability, suitable for intense workouts and long-term use.

          Incline and Speed Levels

          • Sole F63 Treadmill: Provides basic incline and speed adjustments to customize your workout intensity.
          • Sole F80 Treadmill: Offers additional incline and speed levels, allowing for greater workout customization and challenge progression.

            Warranty and Customer Service

            • Sole F63 Treadmill: Including a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, a 2-year warranty on deck, parts, and wear items, and a 1-year warranty on labor.
            • Sole F80 Treadmill: Comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. And on deck, parts, and wear items a 3-year warranty, and a 1-year warranty on labor.

              Sole F80 Treadmill: Pros, Cons, Key Features, Specs

              Sole F80 is for the pros—and here’s why.

              Sole F80 Pros

              • Sturdy construction ensures durability and stability.
              • Equipped with a powerful 3.5 CHP motor suitable for intense workouts.
              • Features a larger, 10.1-inch touchscreen display for easy tracking of workout progress.
              • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck reduces joint impact by up to 40%.
              • Foldable design with EasyAssist technology for convenient storage.

                Sole F80 Cons

                • Higher price point compared to the F63.
                • Larger footprint might not be suitable for very small spaces.

                  Sole F80 Key Features

                  • The Cushion Flex Whisper Deck reduces joint impact by up to 40% compared to running on asphalt.
                  • A 10.1-inch touchscreen displays all your workout data clearly.
                  • Sync your devices for music and app integration using Bluetooth connectivity.
                  • Folding design allows for easy storage when not in use, saving space.
                  • Supports users weighing up to 350 pounds.

                    Sole F80 Specification

                    • Maximum user weight is 350 lbs
                    • Running surface is 22" x 60"
                    • Dimensions (unfolded) are 82" L x 38" W x 66" H
                    • Machine weight is 274 lbs

                      Sole F63 Treadmill: Pros, Cons, Key Features, Specs

                      Sole F63 is for anyone who wants a great workout, without a high price tag—here’s why.

                      Sole F63 Pros

                      • More affordable, making it an excellent value option.
                      • Compact design is more suitable for smaller spaces.
                      • Features a 3.0 CHP motor, adequate for most users' needs.
                      • User-friendly interface with a 6.5-inch LCD display.

                        Sole F63 Cons

                        • Slightly less powerful motor compared to the F80.
                        • Smaller display and fewer high-end features than the F80.

                          Sole F63 Key Features

                          • The cushioned deck reduces joint impact for a comfortable run.
                          • Intuitive controls make it easy to adjust your workout without any fuss.
                          • Its compact design is perfect for smaller spaces.
                          • With pre-set programs, you'll enjoy a variety of interesting and challenging workouts.
                          • Plus, its folding capability makes storage simple.

                            Sole F63 Specification

                            • Maximum user weight is 325 lbs
                            • Running surface is 20" x 60"
                            • Dimensions (unfolded) are 77" L x 35" W x 67" H
                            • Machine weight is 224 lbs

                              Customer Reviews and Testimony

                              Reviews for both the F80 and F63 treadmills are overwhelmingly positive.

                              Sole F80 Treadmill Review

                              Recent Buyer Dante C said on Amazon

                              "My wife and I bought our Sole Fitness F80 about three months ago and we love it! The machine is very well built and can take a pretty good beating. I weighed 245 when we first purchased it and so I was concerned about it's ability to handle my weight while jogging. I typically jog three miles at a 10 to 12 minute per mile pace, about four to five times a week. I am happy to say the machine held up to my weight without any issues and I'm even more happy to say I already dropped 10 pounds! So in a nutshell if you weigh a lot this machine can handle the weight.

                              The wide belt is awesome and after researching other models with a 22 inch belt they were well into the $2,000 to $3,000 range. The wide belt allows for a more natural stride. Regarding noise, initially the machine was really noisy. In fact you could hear us running outside the house! A call to customer service cleared things up quickly. The customer service wait time was brief and the service representative was knowledgeable and professional. The representative registered our machine on the spot and diagnosed the problem as a combination of lubricant drying while sitting in a warehouse and a possible bad roller. A replacement roller was mailed ASAP at no charge and a local technician came out fairly quickly. The roller was fine and did not have to be replaced. The technician conducted standard maintenance and added lubrication to a few spots. The machine is now running really smoothly and quietly for the last two months. In fact, it's so quiet you can't hear it upstairs.

                              There are a few minor issues. Several reviews reference the slow acceleration and deceleration speeds. These complaints are accurate as the machine does take a long time to get to the full desired speed, especially if you are skipping several levels (for example going from level 4 to 7). It probably takes 30 seconds to reach your desired speed. I think hardcore interval runners would be disappointed with this machine and should look at other models. We have not played around with the programs or the heart monitor option. We usually just use the manual mode. I wish the instruction booklet spent more time talking about the program features but it does not, which makes me suspect the program features are not particularly interesting.

                              Overall I think this treadmill was a great value and I imagine it will last for quite some time. With the impressive warranty and customer service I feel like I got my money's worth.

                              Some tips:
                              If you are going to place the machine on a flat surface like hardwood or tile use a treadmill mat as the machine has a tendency to slightly wobble on these surfaces. This can be really annoying so the mat becomes a must have with this machine.

                              Don't make the mistake we did and try and carry the 300 pound machine into your house from the front door. If you are going to keep the machine downstairs unfasten the deck strap and place the machine in the upright position. It will then be super easy to move. If you are going to place the machine upstairs get professionals to move it. It is VERY HEAVY.

                              One person could probably assemble the machine by themselves but I would not advise it. This is really a two person job.

                              I hope this review was helpful. Thanks"

                              Sole F63 Treadmill Review

                              Recent Amazon Customer said on Amazon

                              "I've owned and used this treadmill for about a month. I'm genuinely pleased with the treadmill. The only minor complaint I have about the treadmill itself is the buttons on the panel look and feel cheap. They are stupidly large, and feel like cheap plastic. The functionality and ease of use, however, more than make up for the fisher price looking buttons.

                              As other reviewers have stated, it does take a bit longer than I was used to for the belt to get up to speed (or down to speed when slowing down), but that's not a big deal to me. I've also not used the built in speakers, I prefer to either use my large stereo, or simply use the headphones with my mp3 player that I've grown accustomed to.

                              I un-boxed and assembled the treadmill by myself (sort of) in just over two hours. I was partially interrupted by my 2 year old and 4 year old daughters on occasion (retrieve a toy from the shelf, put on a movie, etc). The assembly is pretty easy and straightforward. The only part that gave me any trouble was screwing on the triangular plastic covers at the bottom on both sides of the treadmill. The screw hole is at the bottom of a depression which is about as big around as a large finger and maybe an inch deep. It made it difficult to line up the screw with the screw hole - I fumbled with that for a bit.

                              This treadmill is pretty darn quiet for a treadmill. My footsteps (walking or running) are very much the loudest noise during operation. The 15% incline is nice (compared to 10% or 12% for similarly priced models from other manufacturers) - though I rarely go above the 10% anyway. The cushioned surface softens the blow a little - you can actually see the deck "bounce" a tad - like a car does with springs and shock absorbers - when walking or running (easier to observe if someone else is on the treadmill). As someone who likes air movement, the built in fans are a nice touch.

                              Aforementioned look of the buttons on the display panel. Lack of a "pace" display (7 minute mile, 8 minute mile, etc) - it does display MPH and I can do the math (close enough anyway).

                              Because I'm reviewing the treadmill, I give the treadmill 5 stars. The delivery service, however, was severely lacking and deserving of zero stars. I scheduled delivery for between 10am and 1pm. 1pm comes and goes. At 1:30, my wife (who is at home with the kids while I'm at work) calls the delivery company to see where it is. She is only told "they should be there soon". The delivery truck arrives at 2:30. My wife answers the door and the driver asks her if he can leave it in the driveway!!! She says no, please bring it inside (our house is two steps up above the driveway, so it's not like a split level, or even an apartment on the 5th floor). They then ask if they can leave it in the garage because it's big an heavy. She finally convinced them to bring it in the house - which they did, technically. If it were any closer to the door, it would have been outside."

                              Investing in Your Health with the Right Sole Treadmill

                              The F80 is ideal for serious runners needing durability and advanced features for intense workouts. The F63 suits those seeking a dependable, budget-friendly option for daily exercise. Decide based on your needs—both will support your fitness journey, moving you closer to your personal best.

                              Ready to elevate your workout? Choose from the Sole F80 and F63 treadmills that matches your fitness aspirations today.

                              Featured Products

                              • Sole F63 Treadmill With its sturdy construction and powerful motor, the Sole F63 is reliable and efficient. Ideal for users seeking a straightforward treadmill experience without compromising on quality, it offers an excellent balance between affordability and performance.
                              • Sole F80 Treadmill Elevate your workout routine with the Sole F80, featuring advanced technology and enhanced features. With its robust frame, spacious deck, and powerful motor, the F80 is a premium treadmill. Perfect for users looking for top-notch performance, it's designed to accommodate a wide range of fitness goals and aspirations.

                              Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

                              What Makes Sole Treadmills Stand Out in the Market?

                              Sole treadmills are known for their sturdy construction, high-quality components, and excellent warranties. They provide a smooth and comfortable running experience.

                              How Important is Treadmill Motor Power for My Workouts?

                              The motor power affects the treadmill's ability to sustain different types of workouts. A more powerful motor, like the one in the F80, is better suited for long and intense running sessions, while a moderate motor, like the F63's, is ideal for walking and light jogging.

                              Can I Access Streaming Services and Apps on Both Treadmills?

                              The F80 has Bluetooth connectivity that allows for app integration, making it easy to use streaming services during your workouts. The F63 has Bluetooth connectivity but no pre-loaded apps or Wifi.

                              What Do the Sole F80 and F63 Offer for Joint Protection?

                              Both treadmills feature cushioned decks that reduce the impact on joints compared to outdoor running, which is great for injury prevention and comfort.

                              What is the price difference between F80 and F63?

                              The F80 is priced at $1,899.99, while the F63 is priced at $1,199.99. The price difference is $700.

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