SOLE vs Horizon Bike Comparison 2024 | Features, Pros & Cons

SOLE vs Horizon Bike Comparison 2024 | Features, Pros & Cons

Key Takeaways

  • SOLE bikes are known for their sturdy construction and lifetime frame warranty.
  • Horizon bikes offer a range of preset workout programs and user-friendly features for beginners.
  • Both brands have models with magnetic resistance for a smooth and quiet ride.
  • In terms of space, SOLE bikes tend to have a more compact footprint and are ideal for small spaces.


At SOLE, while we're proud of our own product lineup, we are also committed to helping you make well-informed decisions for your fitness equipment. That's why we're presenting a detailed comparison between SOLE and Horizon bikes.

Featured Products

  • SOLE Bikes: Starting at $1,099.99, there are many SOLE bike designs available to suit various fitness goals, with models of recumbent bikes such as the LCR and upright LCB bikes to indoor cycling bikes such as the SB900 model. They offer effective lower-body workouts with heavy-duty flywheels and adjustable resistance, simulating outdoor cycling challenges. 
  • Horizon Bikes: With a starting price of $549, Horizon bikes prioritize simplicity and value, appealing to those who want a straightforward, effective workout without the premium price tag.


Top Features of SOLE Bikes

  • Flywheel Weight: The weighted flywheel system offers a smooth, momentum-driven pedaling experience, simulating outdoor uphill cycling to maximize calorie burn and enhance leg strength. The SOLE SB1200 is the model with the heaviest flywheel weight, at 35 lb.
  • Comfortable and Adjustable Seating: SOLE recumbent bikes, such as the LCR and R92, feature wide, padded seats for optimal lower back and thigh support during extended cycling sessions. Many SOLE bikes also have four-way adjustable seats that move up/down and fore/aft for efficient, comfortable pedaling.
  • Varied Resistance Settings: SOLE bikes come with adjustable resistance levels, allowing users to gradually increase workout intensity and strength training, suitable for all fitness levels and goals. For example, our SB1200 and SB900 models have 100 levels of resistance. 
  • Compatible with SOLE + Fitness App: The app offers over 3,000 exercise classes and allows users to monitor key workout metrics like distance, speed, time, and calories burned. This real-time feedback helps users maintain motivation, adjust intensity levels, and track progress toward fitness goals.

Top Features of Horizon Bikes

  • Quiet Drive System: Horizon’s magnetic resistance system will provide a smooth and silent ride.
  • Easy-to-Use Consoles: Simple and intuitive consoles make it easy to track progress and adjust workouts on the fly. 
  • Zwift & Peloton Connectivity: Some models offer Zwift and Peloton, allowing you to watch workout videos and track your exercise performance.

Detailed Feature Analysis: What Sets Them Apart

Flywheel Weight 

  • Magnetic resistance in both brands provides a smooth and silent ride.
  • SOLE bikes often come with heavier flywheels of up to 35 lbs, which can contribute to a more stable and realistic cycling experience.
  • Horizon bikes come with user-friendly resistance adjustments, catering to beginners and intermediate users.

As far as the motor is concerned, both SOLE and Horizon offer reliable performance. The magnetic resistance ensures an effective yet quiet workout, making it perfect for home use. However, SOLE’s heavier flywheels might give it an edge for those looking for a more intense and realistic cycling experience.

Console and Technology Integration

  • SOLE bikes typically offer Bluetooth connectivity and are compatible with fitness apps for tracking progress.
  • Horizon models may have simpler consoles but often include built-in speakers and tablet racks for entertainment.
  • Both brands provide LCD screens, although Sole's displays are usually larger and more advanced. For example, the LCR model has a 10.1” touchscreen model while Horizon’s 5.0R Recumbent Bike has a high-contrast 60 x 127mm LCD window which is a lot smaller. 

Staying connected and entertained while working out can make all the difference in maintaining motivation. Sole bikes excel in integrating technology, allowing you to pair devices and track your workout with ease. Horizon bikes, while less focused on tech, still provide the essentials to keep you engaged during your ride.

Comfort and Usability

  • SOLE bikes are designed with adjustable seats and handlebars to fit a range of body types.
  • Horizon bikes feature gel comfort seats, making long rides more comfortable for beginners.
  • Both brands offer models with easy-to-use resistance knobs or buttons for on-the-fly adjustments.

If you're either pedaling for miles or just getting in a quick workout, comfort is key. SOLE and Horizon understand this, offering features like adjustable seats and ergonomic handlebars. But if you're looking for a plush seat to ease into cycling, Horizon's gel comfort seats are a big plus.

Space and Storage Options

  • Horizon bikes tend to have a smaller footprint, ideal for tighter spaces.
  • Horizon bikes are designed with transport wheels for easy movement and storage.
  • Both brands offer upright models that generally require less room than recumbent bikes.

Not everyone has a dedicated home gym, so space efficiency is often a deciding factor. Horizon’s compact design is perfect for small spaces and, thanks to its transport wheels, you can tuck your bike away after your workout. 

Warranty and Customer Service

  • Both SOLE and Horizon offer a lifetime warranty on frames but SOLE’s warranties for parts and wear items are much longer. 
  • Customer service experiences can differ, but both brands have a reputation for being responsive.

Investing in fitness equipment is a big decision, and knowing you're covered if something goes wrong is important. SOLE’s lifetime frame warranty is a testament to their confidence in bike durability. Horizon also stands behind their products, offering warranties that ensure you can ride with peace of mind.

Other Features

  • SOLE’s heavy-duty frames are capable of supporting higher user weight limits of up to 350 lbs for selected models.
  • Horizon bikes often come with preset workout programs, ideal if you prefer guided exercise.
  • Both brands include water bottle holders and device holders for convenience.

It's the little things that can make a big difference in your workout routine. SOLE’s sturdy construction supports a wider range of body types, while Horizon's preset programs can help guide your fitness journey. And with both offering places to keep your water and devices, they've thought of everything to keep you on track.

SOLE vs Horizon Bike Comparison 



Horizon Bike

Frame Warranty

Lifetime warranty for frame

Lifetime warranty for frame

Flywheel Weight

Up to 35 lbs

Up to 28.6 lbs

Resistance Levels

Up to 100 levels, magnetic type resistance

0 - 100 electronically controlled


Bluetooth compatible, LCD touchscreen

Basic LCD, built-in speakers


Adjustable seating and handlebars

Gel comfort seat


Compact design

Transport wheels for easy movement

User Weight Limit

Up to 350 lbs

Up to 300 lbs

Workout Programs

Varies by model. Preprogrammed routines and user-defined routines available

Preset programs included


Water bottle and device holder

Water bottle and device holder


Between $1,099.99 to $1,799.99 

Between $549 to $749

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View

Pros of SOLE Bike

  • The solid design and the lifetime frame warranty construction allows for high-intensity workouts without the worry of wear and tear.  
  • Lifetime warranty for frames like Horizon but SOLE bikes have longer warranty periods for parts and wear items. 
  • Advanced and free technology integration for tracking and entertainment.  
  • Customizable fit with adjustable components like handlebars and seats. 

Cons of SOLE Bike

  • Users have commented about SOLE bikes’ heavier frames. For example, Horizon’s indoor bikes are around 85 to 87 lbs while SOLE’s indoor bikes are around 123 to 127 lbs. But SOLE bikes’ flywheel weights are also heavier which indicate a much smoother and intense ride compared to Horizon bikes. 
  • SOLE bikes are generally pricier than Horizon bikes by a wide margin. That said, you get many advanced features that are built to last. 

Pros of Horizon Bike

  • Comfort-focused design with gel seats.
  • Easy to move and store with built-in transport wheels.
  • Cheaper than SOLE bikes. 
  • Smaller footprint than SOLE bikes. 

Cons of Horizon Bike

  • May lack advanced tech features found in SOLE bikes.
  • Workout programs are preset, offering less customization.
  • Some models have lower user weight limits. For example, the maximum weight capacity for Horizon bikes is 300 lbs while the SOLE LCR has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. 

Customer Reviews and Testimony

SOLE Bike Review

Recent buyer David Miller left this comment on SOLE’s Amazon page

“Driver delivered the 150 lb box to my house and he was very helpful getting it into the garage, they called an hour before to let me know when he would arrive. Bike was pretty easy to put together but the tablet was a little complicated. I've ridden 3x and it's a solid bike, it's like most spin bikes in gyms. It can be a little tedious to adjust the seat and handlebars if someone else who is taller or shorter than you wants to ride it right after you. For the price it's a good bike and it is very heavy.”

Horizon Bike Review

Recent buyer Robert left this comment on Horizon’s site

“I like the indoor cycle-it’s comfortable and quiet. I got it for my wife and me, but my wife can’t use it. She is 4 ft, 9 in tall and she hyperextends her legs when peddling, even with the seat at the lowest setting. It’s too uncomfortable for her to ride, so I’m the only one using it.”

Expert Opinion: Our Take on the Best Buy

After comparing the features, pros, and cons of both SOLE and Horizon bikes, it's clear that each has its strengths. If you're looking for a durable, high-performance bike with advanced tech capabilities, SOLE is the way to go. But if you're a beginner on a budget and looking for comfort and easy-to-use features, Horizon might be your best bet.

When to Choose a SOLE Bike

Opt for a SOLE bike when you're ready to take your fitness to the next level. If you're a seasoned cyclist or you crave that high-intensity workout with all the bells and whistles of modern technology, SOLE won't disappoint. It's a solid investment in your health that's built to last.

When to Choose a Horizon Bike

Choose a Horizon bike if you're just starting or if you prioritize affordability and ease over high-tech features. With its preset programs and gel comfort seats, it's the perfect entry point into a more active lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed by too many options.

Why is SOLE a Better Choice?

SOLE bikes offer a combination of durability, advanced tech, and performance. They're the choice for anyone who wants a home workout experience that rivals what you'd get at a professional gym. Plus, with adjustable components such as seats and handlebars, you can tailor the bike to fit your body perfectly, ensuring a comfortable and effective workout. 

You can also exercise on the bikes by following the hundreds of workout videos on the free-forever SOLE+ fitness app or cycle along scenic routes on the Kinomap app. Most importantly, with all the heavy use you’re putting on the bikes, you can rest assured that all SOLE bikes come with a lifetime warranty for the frames. 


Featured Products

  • SOLE LCRThis is a recumbent exercise bike priced at $1,799.99. 
  • SOLE R92: This is a recumbent exercise bike priced at $1,299.99.
  • SOLE LCBThis is an upright exercise bike priced at $1,599.99.
  • SOLE B94This is an upright exercise bike priced at $1,099.99.
  • SOLE SB1200: This is an indoor bike priced at $1,599.99. 
  • SOLE SB900This is an indoor bike priced at $1,199.99. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the price ranges for SOLE and Horizon bikes?

SOLE bikes have a price range between $1,099.99 for the B94 model to $1,799.99 for the LCR model. On the other hand, Horizon bikes range from $549 for the 5.0U Upright Bike to $749 for the 7.0 IC Indoor Cycle. 

Can I sync my fitness apps with SOLE Bike?

Yes, you can use fitness apps like SOLE+ and Kinomap to keep track of your health metrics. You can even exercise on your bikes by following the workout videos available for free on the SOLE+ app and take part in geo-based cycling on the Kinomap app in conjunction with the Olympics Games. 

Is SOLE Bike suitable for high-intensity interval training?

While SOLE bikes are great for beginners, they are also suitable for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The preset programs include options that can help you push your limits and get that heart rate up.

What are the space requirements for setting up either bike?

Both SOLE and Horizon bikes are designed to fit comfortably in most home environments. SOLE bikes have a more compact design, while Horizon bikes come with transport wheels for easy movement and storage. Always check the dimensions and ensure you have enough space for safe operation and a comfortable ride.

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