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Sole B94 upright exercise bike with digital console and adjustable seat.Sole B94 upright exercise bike viewed from the side, highlighting its adjustable seat and sleek black design.
SOLE B94 Exercise Bike Sale price$1,099.99
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SOLE B94 Exercise Bike (Last-Generation Model)SOLE B94 Exercise Bike (Last-Generation Model)
SOLE B94 Exercise Bike (Last-Generation Model) Sale price$599.99 Regular price$1,099.99
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SOLE E20 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)SOLE E20 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)
SOLE E20 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model) Sale price$599.99 Regular price$799.99
Sole E25 elliptical machine with a digital display, ergonomic handles, and adjustable foot pedals, set against a white background.SOLE E25 Elliptical
SOLE E25 Elliptical Sale price$1,199.99
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SOLE E25 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)SOLE E25 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)
SOLE E25 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model) Sale price$749.99 Regular price$1,199.99
Sole E35 elliptical machine, featuring its digital display panel, dual handlebars, black frame, prominent 'SOLE' branding on the flywheel, and 'E35' logo on the base and foot pedals.Sole E35 elliptical trainer viewed from a side angle, showcasing its sleek black design, adjustable foot pedals, 'SOLE' branding on the central flywheel, and 'E35' insignia on the lower frame.
SOLE E35 Elliptical Sale price$1,599.99
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SOLE E35 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)SOLE E35 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)
SOLE E35 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model) Sale price$799.99 Regular price$1,599.99
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SOLE E55 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)SOLE E55 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)
SOLE E55 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model) Sale price$1,199.99 Regular price$1,499.99
Side view of the Sole E95 elliptical machine, showcasing its sleek black design with a large flywheel housing branded 'SOLE'. The machine features adjustable foot pedals with red dials, dual handlebars with integrated controls, and an elevated console displaying workout metrics."Angled view of the Sole E95 elliptical machine, emphasizing its robust black frame. The device features a prominently displayed 'SOLE' branding on the flywheel housing, adjustable foot pedals with red adjustment dials, dual handlebars, and a streamlined console mounted at the top for displaying workout metrics.
SOLE E95 Elliptical Sale price$2,099.99
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SOLE E95 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)SOLE E95 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)
SOLE E95 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model) Sale price$999.99 Regular price$1,999.99
Angled view of the Sole E95S elliptical trainer featuring its adjustable foot pedals, ergonomic handlebars, a digital display screen, a central dark gray housing, and a black base with stabilizing wheels and a yellow folding release lever.Side profile of the Sole E95S elliptical machine showcasing its sleek black design, adjustable foot pedals, curved handlebars, a prominent digital display panel, and a sturdy base with a yellow folding release lever and wheels for mobility.
SOLE E95S Elliptical Sale price$2,799.99
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SOLE E95S Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)SOLE E95S Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)
SOLE E95S Elliptical (Last-Generation Model) Sale price$1,699.99 Regular price$2,799.99
Sole E98 elliptical trainer with adjustable handles, digital display, and foot pedals, set against a white background.Side view of the Sole E98 elliptical trainer showcasing its digital display, foot pedals, and branding, on a white background.
SOLE E98 Elliptical Sale price$2,899.99
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SOLE E98 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)SOLE E98 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model)
SOLE E98 Elliptical (Last-Generation Model) Sale price$1,599.99 Regular price$2,899.99
SOLE Equipment Mat
SOLE Equipment Mat Sale price$99.99
Sole F63 Folding Treadmill Running surface, console and buttons with a white background.SOLE F63 Treadmill
SOLE F63 Treadmill Sale price$1,199.99
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SOLE F63 Treadmill (Last-Generation Model)SOLE F63 Treadmill (Last-Generation Model)
SOLE F63 Treadmill (Last-Generation Model) Sale price$999.99 Regular price$1,199.99
SOLE F65 TreadmillSOLE F65 Treadmill
SOLE F65 Treadmill Sale price$1,499.99
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SOLE F65 Treadmill (Last-Generation Model)SOLE F65 Treadmill (Last-Generation Model)
SOLE F65 Treadmill (Last-Generation Model) Sale price$1,199.99 Regular price$1,499.99
Sole F80 Treadmill 3/4 view with running surface, touch screen, quick access buttons, tablet holder and various upgrades.SOLE F80 Treadmill
SOLE F80 Treadmill Sale price$1,899.99
Side view of the Sole F85 treadmill featuring a digital display screen at the top, control panel below it, and the "SOLE" branding on the side railings and treadmill deck. The treadmill has a black and gray design with the "F85" logo on the lower front portion. The running surface is black with white and red accents.SOLE F85 Treadmill
SOLE F85 Treadmill Sale price$2,399.99
SOLE F89 TreadmillSOLE F89 Treadmill
SOLE F89 Treadmill Sale price$3,299.99
SOLE LCB Exercise BikeSOLE LCB Exercise Bike
SOLE LCB Exercise Bike Sale price$1,599.99
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SOLE LCB Exercise Bike (Last-Generation Model)SOLE LCB Exercise Bike (Last-Generation Model)
SOLE LCB Exercise Bike (Last-Generation Model) Sale price$899.99 Regular price$1,599.99